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How a Better Rate Offers Financial Strength

Posted on October 4, 2022 at 3:58 PM by Service Plus

Are the upcoming holidays already creating financial stress? You’re not alone! According to a recent poll commissioned for CNBC by Morning Consult, 52% of those polled indicated it will be harder to cover holiday expenses this year than it was in 2021 (Stebbins, 2022). Higher prices due to inflation will force shoppers to shop early, search for the best deals (Taylor, 2022), and consider financial strategies to help keep the holiday expenses manageable. One such method is to put serious financial strength in your corner this holiday season with your credit union credit card. Let’s explore how!

In a recent Moneygeek poll of adult American consumers on their 2021 holiday spend, the average per person spend was $1,131 and 65% of those polled relied on credit cards for their shopping. By February of 2021, 40% of them had not paid off their holiday debt while accruing additional debt in high interest rates (Gordon, 2022).

Susie Shopper purchased $1,131.00 in retail purchases with her bank credit card at an APR of 19.99%. Her goal is to pay it off within six-month. To reach her goal, Susie paid $199.64 per month with $66.85 in interest. Steve Shopper purchased $1,131.00 in retail purchases with his newly opened credit union credit card and had the same six-month goal. Steve paid $189.60 per month with $6.57 in interest. By utilizing the financial strength of his credit union, Steve was able to save $120.52!

Be a smart holiday shopper like Steve! Ask Service Plus about our limited time rates to make the holiday season one that doesn’t linger too long into the new year!

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