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Getting Your Home Ready for Spring and Beyond

Posted on March 25, 2021 at 8:08 PM by Service Plus

Here in Moline and the Midwest in general, the winter can really wreak havoc on our homes.  Now that our winter of ice and snow is over, we can now look forward to warmer days ahead.  As we do, there are a few things we need to do to prepare our homes for spring.

Clean Out the Gutters

Every list you read about getting your home ready for spring starts with cleaning out your gutters.  That’s because it is really important.  As we prepare for rain during the next three seasons, it’s good to have clean working gutters - which keeps water away from the foundation of our house and hopefully out of our basements.  Be sure to check also for any leaks or cracks in your gutters that may need to be repaired.  If you feel a bit uneasy about getting up on a ladder, consider hiring a professional. 

Tune Up Your Air Conditioning Unit

Admittedly, unless you are an air conditioning professional, this is a job you will want to hire a professional to do.  Luckily in the Quad Cities, we have many great heating and air conditioning pros to call to make sure your unit is ready when you need it.  Before they get there, be sure to clean any yard debris away from your unit.  It’s also a good time to change that filter if you haven’t been doing so.

Yard Clean Up

As mentioned previously, cleaning up debris around the yard is always a good thing to do, especially around the foundation of your home.  It’s a good time to check those foundation windows for cracks or vents being blocked by yard waste. As you move away from the house, check your trees and shrubs for winter damage that may need to be addressed.  Ice can damage tree limbs and make them more prone to coming down during storms.

Cracks and Uneven Sidewalks

Surprisingly, this is something that doesn’t come up on spring check up lists, but should be.  Our drives and sidewalks take a beating during winter with salt and sometimes aggressive snow plows.  They can also become damaged by freezing and melting of the ground below the slabs which can lead to cracked, uneven or heaving slabs.  Sometimes there can be a temporary fix and sometimes it’s best to call on a professional.  It’s better than tripping or stubbing a toe - not to mention broken sidewalks don’t look too pretty.


Most of these spring prep projects can be done on our own, but as we mentioned sometimes it’s better to have an expert’s opinion.  If you find that these tasks lead to larger home expenses like a new roof, gutters, HVAC, landscaping or cement - please remember, Service Plus is here to financially help keep your home at its best.

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