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Shazam Brella






The Brella app offers text and email alerts:

  • Alerts for transactions over a threshold you determine
  • Alerts for internet and phone transactions
  • Alerts for transactions outside the US
  • When your debit card is used for transactions that are considered suspicious

With Brella you can also instantly:

  • Check your account balance 24/7 with your smartphone, tablet, or home computer
  • Set a temporary card block (block/unblock card activity)
  • Send money to other Brella users
  • Locate ATMs nationwide

Other security features include:

  • Block transactions over a specific dollar amount
  • Block Internet or phone transactions
  • Block transactions outside of the U.S.

To get started, download the Brella Card Manager app, provided by SHAZAM, from your app store to your smartphone or device.

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