Service Plus Credit Union

Digital Wallet & Smartwatch Payments

Service Plus debit cards can now be securely added and used with Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay digital wallet. 

A digital wallet is a wallet that lives in your mobile device.  Users can conveniently make purchases at a store using their smartphone, smartwatch or other compatible device.  No more fumbling around to find your card - it’s at your fingertips!

How does it work?

Each platform uses Near Field Communication (NFC) allowing you to tap or put your phone or watch near the credit card pad to complete the transaction securely.  Samsung Pay also works at retailers who only have magnetic or swipe credit card readers.

What about security?

The first question most ask is about the security.  When you go to pay, your phone or watch will require your fingerprint, password or security pattern to complete the purchase.  Then during your payment transaction, your card numbers are sent to the machine in encrypted code.  As an extra layer of security, if you ever lose your smart device, you can use the online manager to lock the device and wipe out any personal information.

To get started…

Go to your devices online store to download their digital wallet.  From there, follow their instructions to upload your Service Plus card securely.  Once confirmed, you are on your way to making your purchases more quickly!

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